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Family History

Around 1788, two Wisdom brothers, John and Thomas, left Wilkes County, North Carolina and traveled to the wild and untamed land of Kentucky. They settled in Madison County. By 1810, new counties had formed and boundaries had changed. John's land lay in Cumberland County and Thomas' land was in Adair County. Sometime before 1807 ( probably around 1802) another brother, Joseph, arrived in Kentucky. The Joseph Wisdom family and the William Hogg family probably left the Wilkes/Burke County, NC area together sometime after 1790. They traveled through Tennessee and while there, Joseph's daughter, Mary, married William's son, Reuben in Grainger County. The families settled in and around Barren County, Kentucky.

John Wisdom was believed to be the son of John Wisdom and his first wife of Orange County, Virginia. Thomas and Joseph were the sons of John Wisdom and his second wife, Ann Collins. After old John's death, Ann moved with some of her family to Wilkes County where she lived until her death.

Some of the brothers' children moved from Kentucky into Tennessee and later into Missouri.

                                                  Francis & Nancy Hogg Wisdom

Francis Wisdom and Nancy Hogg were married January 16, 1803 in Cumberland County, Kentucky. Francis may have been the son of Joseph Wisdom and Sarah Gardner who removed to Kentucky around 1800 from Burke County, North Carolina. Nancy's parents were William and Noema Gibson Hogg also from Burke/Wilkes County, North Carolina. Francis and Nancy were living in Cumberland County, Kentucky in 1810 but moved to Tennessee sometime between 1810 - 1820.  Francis Wisdom was listed among the earliest settlers of Lawrence County, Tennessee on the Tax List of 1819. Also listed were Joseph Wisdom and other members of Joseph's family. In 1820, we find two Francis Wisdoms living in the area, one in Hickman County and one in Wayne County. Maury, Hickman, and Wayne Counties all bordered Lawrence County in those days. After studying 1810, 1820, and 1830 census records, it seems that the Francis living in Wayne County in 1820 was probably my ancestor.

Sometime between 1820 and 1830, Francis and Nancy continued their westward movement into the newly organized county of McNairy (formed 1823-1824). McNairy County was formed from Chickasaw Indian Territory. Also moving into McNairy County was the Samuel Turnbough family. Whether these two families came into McNairy County together we don't know but sometime around 1825, Francis and Nancy's daughter, Noema "Oma", married Samuel's son, George. In 1827, Samuel sold his property and with members of his family, began his last major move toward his future home into the beautiful Ozark Hills of Missouri. Oma said goodbye to her mother and father and moved with her husband's family to Missouri. Joseph and John Wisdom, probably Oma's older brothers, and the John Chandler family may have made the trip with them. They were all living in Washington County in 1830. Shortly after, the Turnbough and Chandler families settled in the adjoining county of Crawford.

Francis and Nancy remained in McNairy County, Tennessee with their five sons and three daughters. Living close by was William Wisdom, probably a son, age 20/'30 with his wife and three sons.

Francis Wisdom was the forerunner of the Wisdom family in the Washington, Crawford, and Dent County areas in Missouri. According to family traditon, Francis and Nancy came to Crawford Co., MO around 1835 when their youngest son, Sargent, was six years old. Francis may have died shortly after coming to Missouri. He would have been around 60 years old when he made the trip from Tennessee. Nancy Wisdom purchased land in Dent County, Missouri around 1857 and was still living in 1870 at the age of 90. She was living in Dent County, Missouri with or close to her son, Sargent, and his family probably on the same property she had purchased earlier. Living with her was eleven year old William "Little Willie" Wisdom, her grandson. He was the son of George W. who had died in the Civil War. Little Willie died young and is buried in an old cemetery close by. It is not known where Nancy is buried.

Children of Francis and Nancy Hogg Wisdom were Noema, Francis Marion, Andrew Jackson, Henry Harrison, George Washington, Mary, and Sargent. Though not proven, it is probable that Joseph Wisdom (Washington County), John Wisdom (Washington County), and William Wisdom, (McNairy County)are also their sons. There were at least two other daughters whose names are unknown.

Sargent Wisdom

Sargent Wisdom, probably the youngest son of Francis and Nancy Hogg Wisdom, was born October 28, 1829 in Purdy, McNairy County, Tennessee. He married Lydia Chandler, daughter of John Chandler, in Crawford County, Missouri on October 27, 1853. They were married by Baptist Minister, Clairborn Sullivant.

On December 15, 1857, Sargent purchased 80 acres of land in Crawford County, Missouri. Later, Sargent and Lydia settled at Grove Springs in Antioch, Dent County, Missouri and in 1885, they moved to a home on the West Fork of Black River. This later became Marcoot, Missouri.

On September 10, 1864, Sargent was enrolled in the MO Militia, Company I, 32 Regiment. His military service was short lived. Due to illness, Sargent was honorably discharged on November 20, 1864 at Cuba, Missouri. Sargent's brother, George W. also enlisted and died during the Civil War period.

During their marriage, Sargent and Lydia were the parents of twelve children. They were John, William, Francis Marion, Willis, George, Andrew, Richard, James, Margaret, Jane, Oma, and Diadema. Sargent was a farmer and also worked as a blacksmith.

Lydia died at Antioch, Missouri on May 4, 1886. She is buried in the Wofford Cemetery. On January 12, 1888, Sargent married Margaret Ellen Whitehead Turnbough. Margaret Ellen was the widow of John Turnbough, son of Sargent's sister, Noema. John died on December 1, 1864 while a soldier serving in the Civil War.

Sargent Wisdom died on February 26, 1900. He is buried at the Stone Hill Cemetery in Dent County. Margaret Ellen died Nov. 24, 1924 in Crawford County where she had returned after the death of Sargent. Margaret Ellen is buried beside her first husband, John Turnbough, in Sellers Cemetery, Dillard, Missouri.

William Wisdom

William Wisdom was the son of Sargent and Lydia Chandler Wisdom. He was born on February 20, 1877 in Dent County, Missouri. William married Cora Black, daughter of Coatsworth Pinkney Black, JR and Nancy Matilda Finn Cozine. They were married on October 20, 1901 in Reynolds County, Missouri with Rev. John O. Adams performing the ceremony at the home of William's brother, James.

William and Cora were blessed with six children; Ellis, Ethel, Agnes, Sylvia, Goldie, and Raymond Ray. They lived most of their lives in the Reynolds and Dent County areas in Missouri. Sometime before William died, they moved to Salem, Missouri. William worked in the timber business for many years around the Dent and Reynolds County area. He also worked with his son, Raymond, at various Stave Mills around the State of Missouri.

William Wisdom died in Salem, Missouri on February 21, 1934. He was 57 years old. William was buried at Greeley Cemetery in Bunker, Missouri.

After William died, Cora lived alone in a little house close to her daughter Ethel. As long as she was able, she attended First Assembly of God Church in Salem. Cora died on August 23, 1970 in Salem. She is buried beside her husband at Greeley Cemetery.